J. Geils Band: Whose Name Is It Anyway?

J. Geils Band Guitar

It’s been said that a music band is like family; unfortunately, some families do nothing but fight. So it is with members of the J. Geils Band, who are embroiled in a legal battle over who has the right to use the band’s name. On one side is guitarist John Geils (aka J. Geils), on the other is the band’s four other members, who have used the name on reunion tours without the guitarist. Last year, John Geils filed a lawsuit in federal court in Boston, seeking a judgment that would stop the other band members from using J. Geils, … Continue reading

The Power of Partnership Agreements: Quantum Meruit Claim Fails


In a decision that emphasizes the power of partnership agreements, the Court of Chancery in Delaware held that if a written agreement defines how assets will be shared when a partnership dissolves, partners cannot use a quantum meruit claim to increase their share. Quantum meruit is a ‘quasi-contractual’ theory of recovery that compensates an individual for work performed regardless of whether the benefited party expressly agreed to pay for the work. In the Delaware case, two lawyers decided to dissolve their partnership and entered into a liquidation agreement to distribute the assets. One of the partners later argued that he … Continue reading